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Top 7 Homeschool Bible Curriculum for 2024

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Choosing a homeschool Bible curriculum is a significant decision, one that should help your family build a biblical foundation for their faith, not cause stress. If you’re in search of a Bible curriculum for your homeschooling journey, there’s a myriad of options available, each with its unique approach and doctrinal perspective.

To start your quest, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 homeschool Bible curriculum for 2024.

1. Not Consumed: Our kids’ Bible studies are designed to help families get into God’s Word together and learn the life-changing truth they need to become more like Christ.

2. Drive thru History: Introduce your kids to the Bible through learning biblical history and  facts, while watching videos filmed on location.

3. Bible Pathway Adventures: Parents have been disciplining their children at home for thousands of years. What better way to teach them God’s Ways than with fun and creative activities.

4. Bible Road Trip: This is a three-year Bible survey curriculum for preschool through high school.

5. Positive Action Bible: They believe that the Bible is God’s self-revelation, the Word He gave to reveal His glory, grace, and love. In each passage of the Bible, God reveals Himself, and His message can shine through context, culture, language, and application.

6. Apologia: These Bible studies help homeschooling students and families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith from birth all the way to high school graduation.

7. Veritas Press Video: Offers Self-Paced Bible courses are the perfect solution for busy homeschool families that want to take some of the stress out of homeschooling with a Bible curriculum that kids love and truly learn.

What to Consider in a Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Remember to investigate each curriculum’s doctrinal perspective to align with your family’s beliefs. Consider factors like doctrine, Bible version, format, time commitment, and goals.

Next, to make your decision easier, we’ve provided free downloads covering topics such as Bible Study Goals and a Family Statement of Faith. If you haven’t worked through these questions as a family, you’re not alone! Download our resources to guide you through the process.

Lastly, explore Grapevine Bible Studies – our fact-based curriculum empowers parents to teach their beliefs, accommodating the Bible of their choice. With engaging stick figure illustrations, we take children from the basics to equipping them with the skills to study the Bible independently. Whether your looking for an overview, journal style, scripture writing, or holiday study, we have you covered!

Not sure where to star – we have a Start Here Quiz, or try a free sample lesson. Our YouTube Channel has many helpful videos too. Our staff is available to answer any questions just contact us.

May God bless your journey in teaching your children in 2024!

Serving Him with Stick Figures, Dianna

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