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Why Teaching Bible Timelines to Kids is Important

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Why is teaching the Bible timeline to kids important? One of the surprising things we have discovered in training teachers is how many of them never learned the Bible timeline as children or even adults! Many of us know the stories, but we are lost to explain how they fit together! Grapevine has done the work for you, as a teacher.

With all of our studies* we begin with a timeline for that study that includes:

  • The narrative for each character or event
  • The stick figure drawings
  • Descriptions of the drawings
  • Student pages that kids can fill out in their books.

You students will have fun learning different Bible timelines and you will enjoy the stress-free way of teaching them!

Here is why the Bible timeline is essential:

1. Big Picture – Timelines help students see the how different characters and events relate and connect to one another in the context of time.  Timeline can give students the Big Picture of the Bible or context to a a biblical event events, such as the birth of Jesus.

2. Chronology – Timelines encourage students to sort and classify the information they are discovering as they read their Bibles. Having students create a timeline provides them with a mental picture they will not easily forget.

3. Context – Timelines give students context for the passages they are studying and provide a foundation for future studies. As students get older, and begins to study the Bible on their own, knowing the timeline will enable them to study more effectively.

Like many teachers, I did not learn the biblical timeline until I was an adult. I can assure you, it is not to late for your start learning and begin teaching your students the biblical timeline!

That is why one of the core features of Grapevine Studies is that we teach the Bible timelines in our studies*.

As a teacher, you can confidently teach Bible timelines to your students. Grapevine provides you with helpful step-by-step notes and the stick figures for each character and event on the timelines. After one year, most students can draw the Old or New Testament timeline from memory.

Old Testament Wall Timeline

Old Testament Overview (which include the timeline*)

New Testament Wall Timeline

New Testament Overview (which include the timelines*)

Check out our other studies that include timelines at

Let’s partner together to help your children learn the Bible timeline before they become adults!

Serving Him with Stick Figures,


*PreK-K level studies do not include the timelines

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