Dates for the Old Testament – Part 2

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Dates for Old Testament Events – Part 2

Dates are a interesting but debated when it comes to the Bible, and this is why I have not included them in the Grapevine curriculum. However, I am often asked about dates. So, today, I am going to give you my personal notes on the Old Testament Timeline Part 2 dates I use when I teach a class. 

I primarily use the book, Annals of World History by Bishop James Ussher for these dates. Dates can be added to our Old Testament Overview studies or our Timelines.

Old Testament Part 2 Dates

  • 1706 BC – Jacob and the children of Jacob enter Egypt
    • 1689 BC – Jacob Died at age 147
    •  1635 BC – Joseph Died at age 110
  • Children of Israel went into bondage
  • 1571 BC – Moses was born
    • 1531 BC – Moses left Egypt at age 40
  • 1491 BC – The Deliverance – Moses Returned to Egypt at age 80
  • 1491 BC– Passover – The Exodus – The children of Israel left Egypt
  • 1491 BC– Pentecost – The Law was given at Mt. Sinai
  • 1491 BC – The Tabernacle building began, early summer
  • 1491 BC – The Twelve Spies entered Canaan summer
    •  The Twelve Spies Reported to Moses 40 days after spying the land
  • 1491 to 1451 BC – 40 Years – The Desert
    • 42 Camps – From the Exodus to the crossing of the Jordan River the children of Israel had 42 separate camp sites.
  • 1451 BC – Joshua became the Leader of the Children of Israel
  • 1451 BC -The children of Israel camped across from the Promised Land, early spring

  I hope you will be able to use it as you teach the Old Testament Part 2. If you have any comments be sure to reply to this email.



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