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God is Still in the Miracle Business – Part 2

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

It’s Been a Year…

Have you ever had an experience that affected you for months
or even years to come? The death of a loved one you were very close to, a
medical diagnosis that changed the course of your life, or an illness of
someone close to you? These are the situations where a miracle is needed.

Last February, my four-year-old granddaughter was life
flighted to a Children’s Hospital where she would spend five weeks, thirty-one
of those days in the PICU unit. Some of you know the shock of getting a call
like that or getting news that just stops your world.

I still cry when I remember my son calling and telling me what was happening as I stood in a store, miles away from him. You see, I was with my mom, who had just lost her second husband; we had just buried him six days before this call. Sometimes, I still cry when I see an ambulance heading to the airport.

Shocking news is never easy. I remember that one of my first
prayers for myself was asking the Lord to help me walk well the path He had put
me on. It was not a path I wanted to walk but one He had chosen. I wanted to walk
it in obedience and trust Him. It wasn’t easy, and some days it is still hard,
but through praying, remembering, and rejoicing it is getting easier.


It seems so simple. When my children were young, I taught
them to pray when we saw an ambulance or the Life Flight helicopter going over.
We would stop and pray for the person, for their family, and for the medical
staff. It has become a habit for me even now. Little did I know, one day it
would be my family who needed those same kinds of prayers!

Over the last year, hundreds of individuals and churches
lifted Chauna up in prayer. They prayed for her medical staff and our family. I
don’t know how I would have made it through without the Lord moving and answering
those prayers! Thank you for praying for me and my family!


Just a few days ago, we saw Chauna’s eyes light up as we
brought in a princess dress for her to wear when she plays dress-up. We took
time at Thanksgiving and Christmas to remember this past year and what miracles
God has performed for our family. Remembering the big and little things is an
important part of our family’s healing path.


Every time I look into Chauna’s beautiful blue eyes, I thank
the Lord for sparing her life. I rejoice when I see her playing and even
arguing with her cousins. I rejoice with each report from the doctor and
therapist that verify God’s healing hand on her. Sometimes it is easy to look
at how far there is to go, instead of remembering and rejoicing in how far one
has come.

I am happy to report that a year from that call that changed
our lives, Chauna is doing very well. She has struggles and obstacles still to
overcome, but her fighting spirit remains strong. She is happy and spunky.

I don’t know what situation you are facing, but I do pray
for you, that you will walk the path the Lord has for you with obedience and

Have you seen God do a miracle? Post it below, I would love to read it.


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