How to Pray for Those in a War Zone

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How can we pray for those in the war zone? There are ten ways you can pray for those trapped, escaping, and helping the refugees.

For many years I have been connected to a blogger from Croatia, Rosilind. As the conflict began, I started watching her page for updates, knowing she was involved in helping those refugees fleeing the war zone. So, I asked her how we can pray and she sent me the following.

10 Ways to Pray for those in the War Zone

Here is how people can hold the efforts here in prayer [edited by Dianna]:

1. Pray for the safety of those trying to fleeĀ their home country.

2. Pray for those who either can’t yet leave, or who have chosen to stay – for their provision: food, water, and medications.

3. Pray for provision and safety for the pastors who are staying behind to care for those who have not left. These pastors are providing them with needed provisions and spiritual care. Pray for the pastors who are in the areas receiving refugees as their congregations navigate incoming believers and their needs both physically and spiritually.

4. Pray for all who are making regular trips to the border to transport refugees: it is a very long trip both there and back, so please pray for the safety of those traveling.

5. Pray for the teams working behind the scenes: We have hired someone to work full-time on this alone. That person is working literally day and night – there are so many small details that we wouldn’t think of. It is a huge job and they need our prayers badly. He also has a team of volunteers who are also working tirelessly on details, such as handling the finances, paperwork, shopping, obtaining medical supplies, translation, personal contact with refugees waiting for transportation, landlords, as well as researching more options for shelter and provisions.

6. Pray for financial provision: we are financially covering all of the needs of the refugees for 2 months – possibly 3. That means shelter, bills, clothing, food, other necessities such as meds, cosmetics, etc. Also – for gas with all of the travel. For the lowest-grade regular gas, it is currently $8.50 a gallon, and diesel is higher than that!

7. Prayer for more shelter: We are currently trying to find large homes that will work as multiple-family dwellings for now. We were able to secure a home that provides shelter for 20 people. This makes it more cost-effective for us, so we can help more people more quickly, as well as efficient for those delivering food and necessities to can cut down on their travel. We need at least one more home like this.

8. Pray that God ministers to these people through us. They have been deeply traumatized, some having lived in the first city that was attacked, have hid out in their basement for days before successfully escaping, some have left their men behind to fight, not knowing if they’ll ever see them again. Others still have family who aren’t able to leave or who have chosen to stay.

9. Pray that God will provide jobs ASAP for the refugees. We have 2 months to help refugees become self-sufficient so that we can bring in more. Thankfully, due to Croatia having lost 1/3 of it’s population to other EU countries for work, there are more than enough jobs to be had.

10. Pray for wisdom and creativity of the church. I hope to share in my next video, just how God set the stage for our church to be able to maximize the help we are able to extend. Ukraine has a large evangelical community, so we are working hard to get the news out that our church already has a small Ukrainian community, and we are eager to provide them a Christianity community and fellowship. I hope this helps.

As I read back over this list I am humbled to consider all the things I take for granted each day, like family, health, access to food and shelter, etc.

Today, take a few minutes to print this list, add to it, and pray over it with your family; our brothers and sisters in Christ are counting on us doing our part to support them in prayer. God remains on His throne and will move on behalf of His people as we pray. Let this time also remind us to live a righteous life so that when the time of our testing comes, we can past the tests.

For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, And His ears are open to their prayers; But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil. I Peter 3:12
May the Lord bless you as you pray,

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