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Bible Reading Plan for Thanksgiving

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

What are a good Bible verses to read at Thanksgiving? Which Bible stories go with thanksgiving? How do I prepare for Thanksgiving using the Bible? You need a Bible reading plan for Thanksgiving.

 This year many of us are wanting to set a new tone for the Thanksgiving season. Although, the world is troubled, you can find a daily place in time where you can set the tone for your day, one that is full of thankfulness and gratitude. But, how can you do it?

How to Make a Bible Reading Plan for Thanksgiving

This year write your own Thanksgiving Bible reading plan for yourself, your family, your church, or your school!

  • Find Bible passages related to thankfulness: The Word of God is filled with people who gave thanks to God in all different circumstances. You want want to hear their stories and learn from them.
  • Develop a Thanksgiving Reading plan: Make a plan for Bible reading and writing for Thanksgiving, not only for yourself but also for your children or students. Plans can be simply a verse to write each day or a few verses. You can choose a theme each day/week. The options are endless. Ben Franklin said it best,

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail”

Ben Franklin
  • Incorporate Writing Scripture as a Spiritual Practice: Science is showing that writing things down helps us to remember and retain the information. We all want to do a better job of memorizing and incorporating the Bible into our lives. Scripture writing helps us to do those two things!

Write to Remember, Remember to Apply

Dianna Wiebe

As you can see from the list above, planning takes time, but it will be worth it!

Thanksgiving Bible Reading and Writing Plan for Kids to Adults

Maybe you don’t have time to do the three things above. Now, I have great news for you – all the work is done for you! The Grapevine Thanksgiving Scripture writing series is ready for you to buy, download, and start your journey of thankfulness this season!

Reading Plan: We have a reading plan that looks at passages, not just a verse, so you get the context of what was happening and why the author was thankful.

Scripture Writing: Use the Thankful reading plan or a reading plan of your own with our Thanksgiving Scripture Writing Journals for your kids or for multiple ages. Here is a list of each section or page the Journals includes:

  • Thankfulness and Gratitude
  • Prayer Request
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Daily Reflections
  • Notes Page
  • Index Page

Now that you know what you can do with a Bible Reading Plan for Thanksgiving, you can get started today!

Make this Thanksgiving Different

Don’t let this Thanksgiving season pass you by without a plan for your and your children/students to grow spiritually. With this in mind, imagine how different you will feel this year, when you have spent time reading, writing, and thinking about what you are thankful and grateful for each day.

A Bible Reading Plan for Thanksgiving will help you find a quiet place of rest in God’s Word in our troubled world. To begin, order now for your family, church, school or co-op. Then get started on your new journey this Thanksgiving!

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