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Is it Time for a Change in Bible Curriculum?

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

Is it Time for a Change in Bible Curriculum? Bible teachers are always looking for new ideas and curriculum to help their students know and understand the Bible better. We want our students engaged and actively learning so that they have a strong biblical foundation for their faith.

Since it is the beginning of the new year, you too might be looking at what curriculum might be best fit your family, church, or school.

Here are 8 questions to has yourself about to gauge if it is time to change Bible curriculum:

  1. Are you excited to teach each lesson?
  2. Is the lesson format easy to use?
  3. How much time does it take you to prepare each lesson?
  4. Do you need to change the curriculum to add or fill in missing parts?
  5. Is there too much material to cover in each lesson?
  6. How are your students responding to the lessons?
  7. Do you have a way of measuring retention?
  8. How easy is it to change curriculum?

These questions are a starting point in determining if changing Bible curriculum is in your near future.

There are many curriculum options to choose from, but if you have not tried Grapevine and would like to teach a free sample lesson to your students, you can get a lesson here.

Also, you can watch a video we did for Homeschool co-ops here to learn more about teaching a lesson and resources we have just for you at Grapevine.

Not sure where to start when it comes to changing Bible curriculum?

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start looking for a new curriculum. We can help! We have helped teachers for the last 22 years to see which options they have and what what will work best for them and their class.

We offer personalized recommendations for your family, church, or school, reply to this email or call the office at 307-529-2019.

Hope today is a great start to your new year!

Serving Him with Stick Figures,



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