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How To Choose An Engaging Bible Study For Kids

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

As a teacher or parent, choosing an engaging Bible study for kids is an important task. It’s essential to find interesting topics that align with their age, interests, and spiritual growth. Let’s explore some considerations and Bible study ideas for children.

How to Choose a Bible Study Topic

When selecting a Bible study topic for kids, consider the following questions:

  1. What Are Your Interests?
    • Reflect on your own interests and passions. Is there a specific area of the Bible that excites you? Teaching something you’re enthusiastic about will make the experience more enjoyable for both you and the children.
  2. What Are Your Children Interested In?
    • Pay attention to what topics your children are curious about. Are they asking questions about specific Bible stories or characters? For example, they might want to learn more about David and Goliath, Creation, or apologetics.
  3. Holiday Studies
    • Consider the time of year. If it’s winter, focusing on the Birth of Jesus (Christmas) is fitting. Springtime is ideal for studying the Resurrection (Easter).
  4. Specific Character Traits
    • Are there character traits or virtues you’d like your children to develop? Bible studies can emphasize qualities like kindness, courage, forgiveness, and honesty.
  5. Assess Their Biblical Knowledge
    • Understand your students’ level of biblical knowledge. Are they new to the Bible, or do they already know major characters and events? Tailor the study accordingly.
  6. Summer Bible Study
    • During summer, explore the Bible timeline. Add your own dates to help students understand the chronology of events and how people in the Bible are interconnected.

How to Set Bible Study Goals

Setting clear goals for your Bible study class is crucial. Goals serve several purposes:

  1. Measurement of Progress
    • Goals allow you to track progress. Are your students growing spiritually? Are they grasping the material?
  2. Encouragement
    • Goals motivate students to take Bible study seriously. When they see progress, it encourages them to continue.

Remember, simplicity is key when teaching kids. Start with foundational truths and gradually build upon them. Here are a couple of Bible study topic ideas to get you started.

Where to Start with Bible Studies for Kids

Overviews: Giving your students a big picture view of the Bible is essential to laying a strong biblical foundation. We recommend starting in the Old Testament and then moving to the New Testament. In these studies you will cover the major characters and events of the Bible through a chronological overview. With each level we introduce new skills for students to learn which equips them to eventually be able to study the Bible on their own.

Topical: After you finish the Old and New Testament Overviews, we have a wide age range of individual studies to go through. The topical studies go further in depth on the subjects than what is covered in the Overviews.

Holiday: If you are close to a holiday, our holiday studies will help you and your students become familiar with the Grapevine method of Bible study.

Planting Seeds of Faith through Bible Study

As you embark on this journey of teaching the Bible to your students, remember that each lesson, each story, and each discussion is like planting a seed. These seeds take root in their hearts, growing into a deep and lasting faith.

So, choose your Bible study topics with care, water them with love, and watch as God’s truth blossoms in the lives of our students. May they become strong trees of righteousness, firmly rooted in the Word of God.

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