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5 Quick and Fun Lesson Reviews Ideas for Busy Teachers

Written by Dianna Wiebe on .

5 Quick and Fun Lesson Review Ideas for Busy Teachers

Lesson reviews are a powerful tool for reinforcing student learning and ensuring that key facts and applications are retained over time. By incorporating fun and engaging review strategies, such as games, flashcards, or group discussions, teachers can help students to remember important information and apply it to their lives. As a Bible teacher, lesson reviews are an essential part of your teaching strategy.

Every Bible teacher’s ultimate goal is to ensure that their students are not only learning but also retaining the information they are teaching. Periodic lesson reviews are a great way to test the retention of your students, as they provide a means for assessing how well students remember the information and concepts they have learned. Reviewing the material on a regular basis can help to reinforce learning and ensure that the information is stored in long-term memory. Moreover, incorporating various review techniques and strategies in your lessons can make the review process more engaging and enjoyable for your students. Through regular review, you can identify areas where students may need additional help or support, and adjust your teaching approach accordingly to ensure that every student is able to succeed.

1. Games

As an educator, it’s important to keep your students engaged and interested in the material that you’re teaching them. One effective way to achieve this is by incorporating review games into your lesson reviews. Not only are review games a fun and engaging way to reinforce learning, but they can also help to identify parts of the lessons where students may need additional support. By making the review process enjoyable and interactive, you can help your students to retain the information they have learned. A couple of our favorite games to use for lesson review are:

  • A Team vs B Team: Divide the class into two groups and ask the review questions from the end of each lesson. Each team is given a set time to answer, like 30 seconds. If the team can’t answer, or miss it, the question goes to the next team.
  • Musical Chairs: On each chair attach a card on which a timeline characters or events is drawn or written. Play the music, if your number is drawn, you must give a new fact or verse related to the timeline character or event that is attached to your seat. If you can’t answer, you are out of the game.
  • Online Game Creation: If you want to create your own games, there are several online resources for you to use to create those games specifically for your classroom: Kahoot, Jeoparday Labs, and

2. Flash Cards

Flashcards are a simple and fun tool for reviewing and retaining biblical information. They are particularly useful for lesson reviews, as they allow students to practice and reinforce their understanding of key people, events, verses, and facts. By incorporating flashcards into your teaching routine, you can help your students better remember the important information over time. At Grapevine, we have two types of flash cards to help you:

  • Trivia Flash Cards: the question is on the front side and the answer on the back side.
  • Timeline Flash Cards: show the students the front side of the card and ask them to tell you what they remember about that person or event. Keep track of each fact or verse if you are playing teams.

3. Acting it out

Charades is a classic party game that can also be a fun and effective option for reviewing Bible stories. By acting out key characters, events, or concepts from a Bible story, students can engage with the material in a new and memorable way, helping to reinforce their learning and understanding.

4. Bingo

Use bingo cards to help with people and places from the lessons you want to review. Students can play bingo while reviewing material. See our bingo games in our Free Resources and try Joseph Bingo today!

5. Pictionary

Have students draw concepts or vocabulary words from the lessons you want to review. Other students can guess what is being drawn to earn points.

Lesson Reviews Help Reinforce Student’s  Biblical Foundation

In conclusion, regular lesson reviews are a crucial part of ensuring that students are retaining the Bible lessons they are taught. These reviews help students to reinforce their understanding, retain key information, and apply what they have learned to real-life situations. By incorporating fun and engaging review strategies, such as flashcards or games like charades, teachers can help their students to remember Bible lessons and apply them to their daily lives. Ultimately, by encouraging and facilitating ongoing review, teachers can help students build a strong foundation of Biblical knowledge that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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