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Vacation time is here and you want to do Bible study in a fun and different way! But you have run out of ideas. We can help! Here are 7 fun and educational Bible flash cards games that will help your children to review what they know and be challenged to keep learning. Bible study doesn’t have to be boring!

1. Guess Who:

o Tape one flashcard to the back of each student.
o Students then move around the class asking people yes or no questions about the card on their back.
o Once the question is asked the student has one guess to get it right.
o After getting a card right, the student either calls out, goes to the front of the class to get another card.

Winner is either the first one to guess the card or the one with the most cards at the end of the game.

2. Story Time:

o One person picks a card and begins to tell the story related to the picture. After a set time or number of sentences the card passes to the next person.
o The second person continues to the story and so forth.

When a person fails to continue the story or misses part of the story they are eliminated.

3. Timeline Mix Up:

o Mix up the timeline cards.
o Hand the cards to a person.
o Set a timer for 30 seconds (time may need to be adjusted).
o See how many cards the player can put in order.

This is a great way to continue to review the Bible timeline throughout the year!

4. Pictionary

o Player one from team one draws card and keeps it secret.
o The player then has a set amount of time to draw the picture as team one tries to figure out what the player is drawing. If the team figures it out quickly, and time remains, the player can move to the second card.
o If the team fails to guess the correct answer, team two has a chance to guess.

The winning team either reaches 10 correct answers or has the most cards after a set time.

5. Bible Navigation

This can either be an assignment or a game.

6. Charades

o Player one from team one draws a card and acts out the card.
o The first team or person to guess correctly wins the point.

7.  Around the World

o All players stand in circle.
o Player one and player two step forward into the circle close to the teacher.
o The teacher shows the card, the winner of that round is the first player to:

    • Say the name of the character or event
    • Recite the verse associated with the card

What Bible flash card games do you play as a family, class or group?

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